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7 Ways To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

It's obvious that you love your very much. But your love for your cat should not mean that you'll watch him or her damage your furniture until it's no more. You can get this situation under control and extend the life of your furniture using one or more of these simple methods.

1. Get Her Nails Trimmed: Trimming your cat's nails using a nail trimmer can save your furniture a great deal. With a cat grooming bag, you can easily restrict your cat's movement while you trim her nails. This may be somewhat difficult for you to do. To make this easier, you can have someone distract the cat with some treats while gently petting her as you trim her nails.

2. Use Nail Caps: You can use vinyl nail caps which are glued on to her claws. With this, your cat’s claws won’t be sharp enough to tear into your furniture. Vinyl nail caps last for a month before you have to consider replacing them.

3. Get A Scratching Post: Getting a scratching post that is very similar in texture to your furniture is sure to reduce your cat's damage to your furniture. After purchasing about two to three scratching post for your cat, placement is the next point to focus on.

Try to place the scratching post very close to your furniture where your cat can easily see them and get curious enough to investigate. Make sure the scratching post aren't lightweight, because if they are, they may topple over and scare your cat. Though some people may see a scratching post as expensive to buy, the cost is actually quite low compared to the cost of repairing or purchasing a new furniture.

4. Spray Your Furniture: You can use certain types of scents such as citrus and lavender that can help restrict your cat’s behavior around your home and keep her away from your furniture. In some cases, you may not perceive the spray but cats senses are much more sensitive than humans. So these sprays can work really well to deter your cat away from the areas where they are sprayed while not being overpowering to you.

5. Use a Pheromone Plugin: These can calm your cat’s anxiousness to scratch furniture especially when you are away from home. Once you plug in the pheromone, you cat will be more inclined to nap than scratch your furniture.

6. Catching Your Cat In the Act: Though this method is seen as the most painstaking and time-consuming as you'll need to constantly monitor your cat in order to catch her when she is in the act. Once you catch her in the act, you would want to make a loud scary sound such as clapping your hands or yelling to show her that she's doing something wrong. This can be done over and over again to get the cat accustomed to this.

7. Cover Up Your Furniture: You can save your furniture from damage using a double-sided tape which can cover your furniture. Once this is done, when your cat starts scratching, she will notice that the double-sided tape isn't fun to scratch and so she will turn to the scratching pool.

Whatever methods you try, avoid using coercive measures. Give a few of these tips a try. Hopefully you will find a method that works for you, save you a great deal of money and finally save your furniture from further damage.