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How To Get Your Cat To Sleep In Their Bed

There's no doubting how wonderful is it to have a cat around your home. Their mystique as they sneak innocently from one point to another. And they're just so darn adorable! One look at your cat and them looking back at you with those big adorable eyes is enough to make your heart melt.

While some cat owners love having their cats around them all the time, even at bedtime. Some owners, would prefer that their cats have their own spaces. If you fit the latter, you're probably aware of how capricious cats can be with regards to their own designated space. But with these few tips and training, you can get your cat to understand that her space is hers and it is meant just for her.

While you hope to make your cat understand her space and be restricted there, here are some of the reasons why your cat may be avoiding sleeping in her own bed:

  • The bed is not high enough to secure her from perceived predators.
  • The bed is not warm and comfortable enough.

In some cases, your cat may prefer to sleep with you on your bed. This may indicate a deep emotional bond that may send signals such as:

  • He feels safe around you, so the cat seeks your protection even at bedtime.
  • Your cat misses you especially when you are always away from home, so bedtime is the best time to be with you.
  • Your bed height is better and gives a better protection and superiority over threats.

Despite these facts, some cat owners simply don't want their cats to sleep with them, which may be because their partner doesn't like it, or perhaps the cat is always very active making it difficult to sleep. Some owners may not want their cat to sleep with them because of allergies or hygienic reasons.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few things that you can do to help your cat understand that his space is his and that your space is yours.

Make the Best Choice for Your Cat's Bed

A great cat bed is one that provides warmth, comfort and safety. While choosing her bed, consider:

  • Bed Size: Cats need a bed that is spacious enough to turn and stretches and at the same time not too large and open as this may make them feel exposed to threats.
  • Bed Shape: You should observe the sleeping habit of your cat. Are they curled when sleeping or fully stretched out to dominate the bed? This will help you decide the best shape of bed for your cat. Open beds, small cave beds, and high beds are options. So, you'll have to figure out which type your cat prefers. If she prefers hiding under furniture, it’s certain that a hooded cave bed with high protective coverage will be best for her.
  • Bed Hygiene Status: Most beds for cats are made of wools while others are filled with cotton, so it is best to consider where the bed will be placed to give your cat maximum comfort. Also, whichever material your cat bed is made of, it should be one that is easy to clean, this will reduce hair, odor, and bacteria that may cause infection to your cat.

It's Time For The Cat to Sleep On Their Bed

After providing the best bed for your cat, there's just one more step to get him to sleep on his bed.

  • Place the bed in his favorite corner.
  • Place it high if he likes high spots.
  • Leave your cat with something that smells a bit of you (maybe your T-shirt), with this he feels secure that you are still around.
  • Leave some treats on his bed as a form of positive reinforcement.
  • Once you notice that your cat gets to his designated bed on his own, praise and caress him to give him a sense of doing something good.
  • You can make your cat prefer their designated spot by making other spots where he loves sleeping uncomfortable, either with citrus oil or using physical barriers to block the entrance to such places.
  • Avoid giving your cat too much to eat close to bedtime, which may make your cat hyperactive at night.

The whole process of getting your cat to sleep in their bed is a rigorous one that you should take one step at a time. Remember to never use force to get your cat into her bed as this will make her more scared of your chosen spot for her to sleep. It takes patience and with that, you can train her to respect your space and to love her own.