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Yin Yang Cats T-Shirt
Yin Yang Cats T-Shirt

Yin Yang Cats T-Shirt

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The Yin Yang Cats T-shirt is subtly designed so at first glance a person looking may not spot that it is a cat t-shirt, however after a closer look it clearly features a cat version of the yin yang logo. The t-shirt has been designed to be in keeping with the yin yang theme as it is available in either black or white with the featured design being just black and white. The t-shirt has been created from both cotton and polyester which gives the t-shirt a soft yet flexible tendency which makes its comfort unrivaled.

Size Measurement
Bust Shoulder Length Sleeve
S 90cm 35.43” 36cm 14.17” 60cm 23.62” 15cm 5.91”
M 94cm 37.01” 38cm 14.96” 62cm 24.41” 16cm 6.30”
L 98cm 38.58” 40cm 15.75” 64cm 25.20” 17cm 6.69”
XL 102cm 40.16” 42cm 16.54” 66cm 25.98” 18cm 7.09”
2XL 106cm 41.73” 44cm 17.32” 68cm 26.77” 19cm 7.48”